Finding Your Element book

Sir Ken Robinson--the globally recognized expert and bestselling author on creativity and education--has included an extensive reference to our film Hats Off in his latest book, Finding Your Element.

He cites the film's subject, Mimi Weddell, as the perfect example of someone who follows her own dreams, even when they fly in the face of societal norms, and as a result happily finds her own "Element." He calls the film "the acclaimed documentary," and quotes director Jyll Johnstone talking about Mimi, saying "It's amazing how she touched so many lives." We are very excited to see such a great reference to the film, especially coming from a thought leader like Sir Ken Robinson; and we encourage everyone to check out his new book, and, if you haven't seen Hats Off yet, to check that out as well.

Hats Off
"A delight! A great story about an amazing woman everyone will love."
- Jeffrey Lyons

"Mimi is indefatigable and undefeatable."

- Jennifer Merin, About.com Guide


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Martha and Ethel
"One of the most revealing, eloquent and well-received films at the Sundance film festival... ambitious and emotionally deep. An affectionate portrait."
- New York Times

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"Every time I show her documentary to my students they are mesmerised! Eva is a treasure on this earth."
- Karen Nauyokas, Design Instructor, The Art Institute of California