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WATCH NOW: A brief introduction to our film 'The Test & The Art of Thinking'


A documentary that profiles the beauty and eccentricities of 93-year old actress and model Mimi Weddell.
Martha & Ethel is a look at mothering from not only a sociological, but also a very personal and emotional point of view.
Throwing Curves | Eva Zeisel explores the life and art of a brave & adventurous woman who became one of the most famous industrial designers of the modern era.


Nicholas Lemann: Professor, Former Dean of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and Writer (Atlantic Monthly, The New Republic, The New Yorker), is interviewed for "The Test And The Art of Thinking” in February, 2015.

IN PRODUCTION: Queen of Belvedere

She works 10 hours a day, 7 days a week even now as she approaches 70. Her hard work has come to define her - a habit that keeps her in constant motion and keeps her one step ahead of the memories of her past. Meet The Queen of Belvedere (working title).

IN PRODUCTION: Libby (working title)

An inside look at the life and work of New York City artist Libby Schoettle.

In Production

Canobie films has many films in production. We recently interviewed many real-world practitioners and luminaries for our soon-to-be released documentary "The Test and the Art of Thinking."

Learn more about all of our current projects.

  • The Test and the Art of Thinking

    Parents and students understand the energy and emotions conjured by the SAT/ACT, which is not only part of the college admissions process,...

  • Libby (working title)

    Libby is an artist with vivid dreams. She lives smack in the Village, the downtown soul of creative Manhattan, in a world of...

  • Queen of Belvedere (working title)

    A housekeeper from El Salvador wants to tell her story. She works on the Tiburon peninsula, in one of the wealthiest communities...

From the Blog

  • Mimi Weddell: A View from Abroad
    Serendipity. We left our Swiss hotel thinking it was a Mimi Kind of Day, bright and cool. Imagine our surprise when we spotted this advert in Basel: the elegance, the pose, that Hat. A chance encounter with the unforgettable icon of...
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  • PhoebeNewYork: Portrait of an Evolving Artist
    Canobie Films remains busy creating episodes of our series on Libby, while Libby's been busy creating PhoebeNewYork. Through Phoebe, Libby continues to challenge and expand the boundaries of the artist's experience with and without NYC galleries and art shows. Our...
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